The Hot Springs Rally Discontinued

As most of you know this past year would have been our 15th annual open motorcycle rally, had it not been for Covid. Although we knew that this day was coming, we thought we might get another couple of years to share our love of bikes and riding, sadly that is not the case.

The three couples who make up Wild Boar Promotions, Inc. after much thought, have made the hard decision to discontinue the Hot Springs Rally. There were many reasons that this became our only option. The corporation is being dissolved and no future events will be held. We hoped that someone else would step in and carry on this annual event, but as of now, there hasn’t been anyone to do that.

We want to express our gratitude to each one of you who have ridden in, worked along beside us, and made our event one that all of you wanted to come back to year after year. There are too many people to even list names in a big thank you!

In the photo are my daughter and myself on our first Harley. She is grown and on her own now, but she made every rally she could! The rally was woven into the fabric of our family. I will now say goodbye to you… keep the love of riding going and we’ll see you on the road. We love you!

Carol Looney and the Wild Boar Promotions family

Thank you for 15 memorable years!



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